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Name:Stephanie Rogers || Captain America
Birthdate:Jul 4
Location:New York, United States of America

Stephanie Rogers
.I believe in doing the right thing for this country.
She signed up for the army to help the boys overseas and got assigned to the super soldier project. The clumsy girl from Brooklyn did her best despite not being as buxom or flirty as the other women in the department. One day, upon needing to deliver an urgent message about Colonel's candidate for the super serum experiment, she tripped on one of the wires, landing her into the chamber and setting off the entire process. Erskine, preferring the kind hearted woman over the bullying brute went through with the experiment, injecting the unknowing blonde with the super serum. Stark just thought it would be funny to hit her with the Vita-Rays as well...the ultimate super soldier as a dame? Would really light a fire under those bureaucrats!

After chasing down a Hydra spy, she was sent to tour around the nation to get the folks at home to buy bail bonds and rally our women to take up jobs so that the war effort could be continued. Upon hearing the catcalls of the 107th in Italy, Stephanie stormed off the stage, thinking her only fate was that of a glamorized USO girl. Agent Carter believed different and upon hearing of Bucky being MIA, Stephanie went behind enemy lines to save her friend and the other prisoners.

With the successful mission, she adopted a new name and rank, one that included a rank that hadn't been held by many women before:

Captain America.

Stephanie has awoken to the 21st century; nearly 70 years had passed. A strange man by the name of Nick Fury approached her with a mission and new purpose in the strange new era: The Avengers Initiative.

Muse and Mun are over 18.

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